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életrajz - 2.7%
fantasztikus irodalom - 18.9%
kalandregény - 17.6%
klasszikus szépirodalom - 6.8%
krimi / detektívregény - 16.2%
sci-fi - 5.4%
szerelmes regény - 4.1%
thriller - 4.1%
történelmi regény - 9.5%
tudományos művek - 4.1%
versek - 0%
egyéb - 10.8%

Total votes: 74
The voting for this poll has ended on: June 30, 2015



Dear Visitors,

The library of our institution is situated next to Room 33 in wing B of the grammar school building. (There is also a separate library in the student hostel, though student hostel residents can equally attend the grammar school library.)

It consists of three parts: a lending facility, a reading room and a storage room.

The reading room houses literature and reference books for internal use. Open shelf service is available regarding this part of the holdings, which means visitors can search books at their leisure. In addition, internet access is also provided. The reading room is highly suitable to accommodate those spending a free period or for small group sessions.

The storage room houses compulsory readings, dictionaries for lending, course books, non-fiction and foreign literature. To borrow these items, you may need to ask for the librarians’ assistance. It is also the librarians who help with selecting audio tapes, video tapes, CDs and DVDs. The complete holdings of the library amount to approximately 40 thousand items. 

Enrolling in Andrássy Gyula Secondary Grammar and Boarding School of Békéscsaba automatically means enrolling in the library as well. Besides, educators of the town can borrow items from our library.

Borrowing is supported by the library system called Szirén. 

Borrowed documents can also be viewed on the internet. In order to do that, you need a password which may be obtained from the librarian, or a library registration number is necessary.

You can enter the system by clicking on Szirén System in the Catalogue menu with the help of the password or the library registration number.

It is also possible to browse the continually growing e-catalogue.