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Mit szeretsz legszívesebben olvasni?

életrajz - 2.7%
fantasztikus irodalom - 18.9%
kalandregény - 17.6%
klasszikus szépirodalom - 6.8%
krimi / detektívregény - 16.2%
sci-fi - 5.4%
szerelmes regény - 4.1%
thriller - 4.1%
történelmi regény - 9.5%
tudományos művek - 4.1%
versek - 0%
egyéb - 10.8%

Total votes: 74
The voting for this poll has ended on: June 30, 2015



The results on the web catalogue appear as full bibliographic descriptions. The results may be displayed with or without subdocuments belonging to the documents on request.

The search may be refined according to the specifications (refined search), or the given keyword must match the beginning of a possible result (quick search)

The search may refer to the main document only, or to the subdocuments belonging to it as well (search in Analitika too).

The search specifications may refer to any other data which the Szirén system records. There are 23 main data for which the searches may be made (e.g. title, authors, key words, ETO reference number etc.) and for 102 types of different data (e.g. stamp, owner and binding etc.).

The search specifications within one search may be linked to each other without any limit in number, which means that any number of the fields of the search form may be completed for the same search. Between the search specifications “and” or “or” logical links may be determined.

The results include the specifications of the documents, the inventory numbers, if the copy is being borrowed at present; if so, what is the expiry date, the number of copies and the location within the library.

Further services of the library search page include borrowing details:

Readers may require a password from the librarian. If they do not require a password, their identification number can be used for identification on the net. In order to obtain their own borrowing information, two identifications have to be provided.

The name of the reader

Password or identification number

As a result, borrowed documents and their expiry dates are displayed.

Renewing- advance booking on the website:

In case of renewing and advance booking readers have to identify themselves by their names and their passwords. Name and identification number are sufficient for inquiring borrowing information, though, if the reader required a password, giving the name and the password is obligatory.


Documents appear in the following groups:

Borrowed documents:

The following are indicated: the inventory number, if it is renewable or not (items can be renewed once on the internet and on any more occasions at the library), the expiry date, the author and the title.

Advance booking documents

Documents for advance booking are the ones that have been returned to the library and may be collected.

Renewing on the internet and advance booking are only possible for the reader if they have no overdue fees.


Renewing is possible only once on the internet.

Renewable documents may be selected from a drop list. The list includes the documents that may no longer be borrowed in red. Renewable documents appear in black. Only one document may be chosen and renewed at a time; when renewing multiple documents, the procedure has to be completed for each document separately. The renewed documents in the list will instantly appear in red.

Advance booking:

Documents booked in advanced may be selected from a drop list. The list includes the documents being borrowed. Only one document may be chosen and booked at a time; when booking multiple documents, the procedure has to be completed for each document separately. Advance bookings are instantly displayed when borrowing information is requested.